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Upcoming Events

December Christmas Meeting


The Chicago Society Board of Directors cordially invites all members, member's wives or significant others, and the widows of our deceased members to our annual Christmas Dinner and Meeting, which will be held on Wednesday, December 20, starting at 6:00 p.m. at White Eagle Banquets, located in Niles.

99th Anniversary of Regaining Independence

After 123 years of occupation, on November 11th 1918, Poland regained its independence and the streets of Polish cities were swept by a euphoric mood. On that day, Germany signed a ceasefire ending the First World War, and the Regency Council bestowed Józef Piłsudski with full civil and military power.

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2017, the Year of Kościuszko

To honor the 200th anniversary of his death, the Sejm of the Republic of Poland declared  2017 to be the “Year of Kościuszko,” honoring a national hero of both Poland and the United States. UNESCO has made the same declaration, acknowledging his activity for the sake of independence, peace and equality for all.

Please watch the very informative video below about Kościuszko, courtesy of the Embassy of Poland in Washington, D.C.

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