Chicago Society Membership

The Constitution of the Chicago Society provides that a condition of membership shall be absolute and unqualified loyalty to the Constitution and Government of the United States of America and respect of local authority. Each member is encouraged to support the Society activities, events and fund-raising projects to the best of his ability.


Any male of Polish lineage or affinity, over 18 years of age, of good character and reputation, whose acceptance will add to the welfare and progress of the Chicago Society and who is a citizen of the United States residing in Chicago or its suburbs may be admitted to membership in the Society at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


The membership is composed of business and professional men. Applicants should qualify in that regard, although the definition of those fields is liberally applied for applicants of exceptional character and achievement.


Applicants for membership are required to have two sponsors who are already members in good standing. In the event that a gentleman man who otherwise qualifies is not acquainted with any of our members, but is interested in attaining membership, he may contact us and we will arrange for our Personnel Director to communicate with him. An invitation to one of our meetings may present an opportunity to obtain sponsorship.


Following sponsorship, an application is presented to the Board of Directors by the Personnel Director. If approved, it is announced in the Forum, our monthly publication available only to members. The application is then voted upon by the general membership at the next monthly meeting. After an affirmative vote, the applicant is invited to a meeting for official initiation as a member.


Members are known to each other as "Brother," befitting the fraternal nature of the Chicago Society, Lodge 1450 of the Polish National Alliance.