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Chicago Society Foundation Background

The Chicago Society, PNA, sold its clubhouse at 2222 N. Kedzie Ave., Chicago, over 30 years ago. The funds were set aside for the purchase of a new clubhouse under the administration of the Chicago Society Building Corporation.


When it became clear that a new building would not be purchased in the foreseeable future, the thought arose that the funds being held by the Building Corporation should be put to use for the good of Polonia. As a result, a Foundation to handle the funds was suggested by Arthur Siemion, who was then Financial Secretary of the Chicago Society.


The movement gained popularity in 1998 and was supported by the Chicago Society's Board of Directors. Finally, after considerable debate and study, the concept was approved at a meeting of the general membership. By October, 1999, the Chicago Society Foundation was chartered as a Not-For-Profit Corporation by the State of Illinois. It has obtained status as a private charitable organization under the rules and regulations of the Internal Revenue Service.


The Chicago Society Building Corporation was dissolved and the Chicago Society Foundation (CSF) became the successor to its assets.


A constitution was constructed by the end of 1999 and made effective on January 1, 2000, when T. Ron Jasinski-Herbert, who had vigorously supported adoption of the CSF and authored its constitution, became its first President and Chairman of the Board. Jasinski-Herbert was reelected to serve for 2001 and then again for 2002.


Romuald E. Matuszczak became the second President of the CSF in January, 2003. Richard W. Ciesla became the third President in 2005. Donald A. Gutowski, Walter M. Piecewicz, Stanley Sawa, Charles  A. Komosa, Mark Orwat and Thaddeus Makarewicz followed as Presidents.


The CSF consists of a Board of Directors composed of all living former Presidents and the current President of the Chicago Society. The Board's officers are elected in January of each year.


Donations to the CSF may be sent to the

Chicago Society Foundation

333 Busse Hwy #973
Park Ridge, IL 60068


Donations to the Foundation are tax deductible as provided by law

All grant requests should be sent to:

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