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Upcoming Events

The November General Meeting will take place on the 17th

IN PERSON at 7pm

(6:00 happy hour)

The Great Escape

9540 W. Irving Park

RSVP to Chuck Cwiakala at

President's Message

Brothers and friends,

As mentioned in my last letter, the slate for the incoming Board still has three vacancies: (1) Financial Secretary; (2) Director of Personnel; and (3) Director of Publications.  These are critical positions which are vacant, need to be filled and offer an opportunity to members of the general membership to serve and help advance the Society.  The duties/qualifications of each position are listed in Articles VI, VII and VIII of our constitution, which is available on the website  If you have any questions about the positions or serving on the Board, please feel free to contact the nominating committee, myself or anyone else on the Board. 

Congratulations and thank you to those that have accepted their nominations for Board positions.  None of the good we do can happen without your work and sacrifice.  


I look forward to our Thanksgiving meeting which will include a Turkey Raffle and a Christmas Party where guests can be invited.  Join us!

Adam Konopka, President, Chicago Society PNA