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The September General Meeting will take place on the 15th

IN PERSON at 7pm

(6:00 happy hour)

The Great Escape

9540 W. Irving Park

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President's Message

Brothers and friends,

 As we continue to evaluate how the Society functions, the Board greatly appreciates and frankly needs the input of members.  This is our Society, and while I think there is little debate that things must change in order to maintain relevance, solvency and attendance, the degree and nature of those changes is very much up for healthy debate.  We raised the issue at our last general meeting and I encourage any members to voice their opinions and “out of the box” ideas for the good of the Society.  More detailed information on changes will be provided once more time has passed for comment.

Thanks is in order for the recently approved nominating committee consisting of brothers Bill Marutzky, Rick Wiermanski and Marian Skawski.  In accordance with our constitution, they will provide a slate of nominees at the next general meeting and will be accepting further nominations in October in preparation for our November vote.  If you are interested in a position on the Board, please let them, or anyone else on the board know ASAP!

Let me be the first to congratulate PAPA on a successful golf outing!  Great weather, great company and a great organization is a winning combination.

Finally, I would direct everyone’s attention to a controversial law being proposed in Poland known as “Lex TVN” which seeks to prevent non-European ownership of Polish Media companies.  Many of our fellow Polonia organizations have spoken out about the bill as an affront to democracy, freedom of speech, and independence of the media.  I encourage everyone to research and educate themselves on the bill.

Adam Konopka, President, Chicago Society PNA