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Any and all personally identifiable information (“PII”) collected by the Chicago Society of the Polish National Alliance (“Society”), which may include but is not limited to e-mail addresses, will be used for the exclusive purpose of contacting and identifying members in order to further the Society’s objectives.  Permitted uses of collected PII include but are not limited to facilitating member communications, publishing a member directory, providing event or other notifications and distributing a newsletter.  Any Society member wanting to limit the distribution or use of their PII should submit said request in writing to the board of directors (“Board”) clearly outlining the scope and reason for the requested limitation(s).  The Board will review any limitation requests and facilitate any approved limitations within three (3) months of receipt of said request.  As a condition of membership, all Society members, both past and present, have agreed not to disseminate the PII of any members, past or present, collected by the Society, however obtained.  No member shall disseminate any PII obtained or collected by the Society to any non-member without the written consent of the member whose PII is to be disseminated.  Any member found by a majority vote of the Board to have disseminated or utilized PII collected by the Society in violation of this policy is subject to discipline to be determined by a majority vote of the Board.

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I am of Polish lineage and/or affinity. I have read and truthfully answered the questions on this application. I hereby agree, if accepted for membership, to abide by the Charter, Constitution, By-Laws and Policies of the Chicago Society of the Polish National Alliance. My initiation fee of $50.00 accompanies this application.

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