Chicago Society

of the Polish National Alliance

Celebrating our second century of Brotherhood and Service.

Welcome to our website ...

The Chicago Society is a proud member

of the Polish National Alliance


Fraternal Membership in Lodge 1450 PNA, while not necessary for Social Membership in the Chicago Society, allows Chicago Society members a voice in the Polish National Alliance.

Upcoming Events ...

  • April General Meeting

    Wednesday, April  20, 2016.

    Our guest speaker will be Mr. George Swiderski, a professional taxidermist and author of a new book entitled The Forester’s Son, a book about his hunting stories.

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  • 2nd Annual Fishing Derby

    Saturday, May 14

    North Point Marina, Winthrop Harbor


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  • Pre-Parade Brunch

    Saturday, May 7

    Hotel Allegro, Chicago


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Resolution honoring T. Ron Jasinski-Herbert ...

The Illinois State Senate recently passed a resolution honoring our deceased Brother T. Ron Jasinski-Herbert. To view this resolution, click here.

John Cieslik, our St. Joseph
 for 2016 ...

Congratulations to Brother John Cieslik, who was anointed our St. Joseph for 2016 at the Chicago Society Śledź.












The St. Joseph acts as a sort of Chaplain
 for the Society for the year.

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